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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Want more time? Get out of your rut

(Photo by S Sepp)
Time is not usually thought of as a renewable resource.  Nevertheless, there are ways to feel as though time’s relentless pace is slowing down.

Getting out of your rut and into new situations is one such way.  Quartz reports that “when faced with new situations, our brains record more richly detailed memories.”  Therefore, time seems to be slowing down.

As we age, we become so used to our surroundings that we fail to notice the details.  Time therefore seems to run on fast-forward. 

Children, however, experience the world as “an often unfamiliar place.”  Their brains have to constantly reconfigure “their mental ideas of the outside world.”  This additional brain power "appears to make time run 
more slowly” for them than for adults.


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