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Monday, September 19, 2016

Religion of Sports: Love thy enemy

Brady and Adoring Fans   (PD)
What would make former rivals Tom Brady and Michael Strahan come together as creative partners?  The “Religion of Sports,” both literally and figuratively.

Brady and Strahan are no longer lunging at one another on the football field.  They are now pursuing a kinder, gentler goal - that of coproducing “a six-part documentary TV series called the ‘Religion of Sports.’”

This series will explore “the cultural and spiritual impact of sports in religions around the world.”  Many varieties of athleticism are covered, from soccer clubs in Scotland to a rodeo in Canada, and from NASCAR to MMA.

Gotham Chopra, son of spiritual leader Deepak Chopra, is also in on this project.  Gotham remembers telling his father, “All of those things you speak [of] in the spiritual tradition also exist in sports.”  These things include the “temple” (“sports arena”), the “gods” (“athletes”), and the “parishioners” (“fans”).   


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