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Monday, May 21, 2018

Tooth Truth

Quite Rotten  (Photo by Dozenist) 
When all that remains is a chunk of skull plus a set of teeth, it’s tough to determine whose they were.

French researchers, however, strongly believe that these were part and parcel of Adolph Hitler’s body.  They say there is “no possible doubt” that Hitler died in Berlin on April 30, 1945.                        

The bullet hole in this skull coincides with the theory that Hitler shot himself after taking cyanide.  The lack of tartar or meat particles on the teeth reflect Hitler’s vegetarianism.

If this be the truth, then stories about Hitler’s escape to South America are fictional.  Such rumors were investigated by the CIA for 10 whole years after World War II ended.


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Beyonce's new old church

'Queen Bey'  (Photo by S. Pakhrin)
It might be tough for a rich man to enter Heaven, but easy for a rich gal to purchase a church.

Beyonce went traditional lately, treating herself to an $850,000 century-old church.  This fits right in with the recent Beyonce Mass that was held at Grace Cathedral in (where else?) San Francisco.

So has Beyonce got religion, or is it just another prop for her never-ending show? 

Although the name Destiny’s Child came straight from the Book of Isaiah, Beyonce’s own journey is not strictly biblical.  She feels that “God is in control of things,” but prefers “faith and spirituality” to by-the-book religion.


Copyright May 21, 2018 by Linda Van Slyke   All Rights Reserved