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Monday, July 24, 2017

Romeo, Messy, Audi and Juliet

(Careful, Audi's on the loose!)

If this were a Shakespearian update, Romeo might be secretly courting Juliet in his messy Audi.

This, however, is not a Shakespearian update.  Romeo and Juliet have long been replaced by West Side Story, so now we are left with Messy and Audi.

Messy is one heck of a canine.  Owner Oranit Kittragul of Thailand describes him as “lovely and affectionate.”  When the neighbor’s dog, Audi, would “often cry when left alone in his
yard,” Messy would bark sweet nothings through the fence to ease Audi’s pain.

Kittragul isn’t sure what this communicated, but it sure did work.  When Audi finally broke loose one day, he made a beeline for Messy.  Then came the “sweet embrace.”  Messy and Audi fell right into each other’s paws.    

They have not, to date, lived happily ever after.  But perhaps they are well on their way.


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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why donkeys matter

Jesus on a Donkey  (Painting by James Tissot)
When Jesus made his final entry into Jerusalem, it wasn’t on a noble steed.  There was a reason for that.

Horses back then symbolized war.  The humble donkey symbolized peace.  This was in keeping with Zechariah’s prophecy:  See, your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey…

Unfortunately, in China today, donkeys are being treated way too lowly.  USA TODAY reports that there is a “soaring demand for e’jiao – a traditional medicine made by boiling donkey skin.”  Whereas donkeys in China have long been valued for their assistance with farming “steep terraces in the mountains north,”  they are now being
sacrificed to commercial “gods.”

“China had 11 million donkeys” 30 years ago, but is now down to a mere four million.  This is “despite intensive breeding programs.”  It seems that health can better be achieved via the hillside vegetables that donkeys help to raise, rather than through the merciless sizzling of their skins.


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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Enforced sterilization: Is that even legal?

White County Courthouse  (Photo by Brian Stansberry)
Would you trade a month of freedom for a possible lifetime of illness?  You might if under sufficient duress.

Central Tennessee Judge Sam Benningfield is offering inmates in aptly-named White County the “Sophie’s Choice” of receiving “30 days credit toward their jail time if they volunteer for vasectomies or contraceptive implants.”

The female version of such contains “the hormone device Nexplanon.”  Thirty-two women have already received these questionable implants.  Serious side effects of etonogestrel include blood clot formation, liver disease and deep depression.

Benningfield states that he does not want these inmates “to be burdened with children.”  The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee sees it differently, explaining that “judges should not play a role in a person’s ability to procreate.”  Nor should judges mess with people’s internal biological processes...


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