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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dogs Save the Day

Brown Labradoodle  (Photo by Oracle7)
Sometimes it takes a dog to figure out that something’s really wrong.

Lonnie and Susan Chester were blissfully   asleep on a weekend morning when their two labradoodles sprang into action.  Adam and Eva “began tugging on their clothing and begging to go outside.”

Since it was only 4:30 a.m., this behavior was quite unusual.  Because the dogs were so insistent, the Chesters reluctantly pulled themselves out of bed.

As soon as the front door was opened, Adam and Eva raced to the side of a disoriented elderly woman “who was dressed in nothing but a night gown.”  She was sitting out there in the snow, shivering in the frigid air.  

The Chesters immediately helped her inside and “covered her in blankets.”  They called 911 and help soon arrived.  Sometimes it takes a dog (or two) to save the day.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

What's wrong with 'I don't know'?

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom      (Photo by Jedi94)
It is said that Disney employees must have an answer for everything.  If asked a question by a guest, fabricated answers are preferable to a simple “I don’t know.”

Unfortunately, Disney is not alone in this regard.  Humans seem adverse to admitting
ignorance.  When asked directions, they make up a series of twists and turns rather defer to a GPS.  When asked who and what God exactly is, they feign total knowledge rather than embrace elements of mystery.

St. Augustine, however, did not shun such conundrums.  When asked by a boy on the beach to fully describe God, the saint allegedly replied, “Bring me the ocean in your pail.”  The boy exclaimed, “But the ocean won’t fit in my pail!”  “And God won’t fit in your head, either,” Augustine declared.


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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Rich Hell, Poor Paradise

Peruvian Paradise   (Photo by Corey Spruit)
Although the road to heaven is not paved with gold, Peruvian miners did not get that memo.

They are therefore ripping apart the Amazon jungle in order to dig for treasure.  Ignoring Jesus’ warning that it’s tough for a rich man to enter heaven, these Gaia rapists prefer “a hell of riches to a poor paradise.”

Pope Francis visited this hellhole in order to plead Mother Nature’s case.  He urged the neighboring children to pursue “a way of life based on care and not destruction of everything standing in the path to our greed.”


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