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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Frolicking with Fairies

(Photo by Rosser1954)
According to “Green Witch” Susun Weed, fairies just love the merry month of May.

Those who seek fairies might therefore wish to maximize May opportunities for cavorting with them.  Not sure how to do so?  Weed has some sparkling suggestions.

First off, don’t kill all the weeds within your garden plot.  Weed explains that fairies “love chaos and change” and “dislike rows and order.”  So put that left brain aside and celebrate the wild places that Nature generously provides.

Be sure to include flowers that lure “butterflies and hummingbirds” to your garden.  Fairies love all three of these “shiny, glittery things.”  They have a special affinity for some fellow winged beings.

Once in the vicinity of fairies, how should one proceed?  That’s the fun part.  Fairies like nothing better than to “dance and sing” with joyful abandon.  Weed also advises:  Bask in the sun.  Hold your face up to the rain.  Lean into the wind.

In other words, savor May.  It’s not every month that the Earth springs forth with such obvious wonder.


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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Preborn babies: Not just clots and tissue

12 Weeks In Utero   (Public Domain)
If the average picture is worth a thousand words, then Mindy Danison's photos of her miscarried babies speak volumes.

Mothers with miscarriages are often told that their preborn babies are nothing but “clots and tissue.”  They are not encouraged to deliver these babies, and are certainly not
encouraged to view, hold or photograph them.

So when Danison went ahead and treated her two miscarried babies as beloved children, the world was astonished.  This was even more the case when she posted their tiny images on Facebook.

These Facebook photos clearly show the human features of Danison’s seven- and eight-week-old embryos.  “During this point in pregnancy, the baby has a beating heart, forming hands and feet, and a little developing face.”
Danison feels that the photos of her miscarried son and daughter have inspired parents to view their preborn children as people.  She adds:  I have had a lot of people message me and tell me that their story has inspired them to not abort their child.  


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Monday, May 2, 2016

Silence and song: Benedictine prayers

Saint. Benedict   (Public Domain)
Networking is all the rage in today’s workaday world.  This usually consists of written and/or verbal communication.  

Outside of the entertainment industry, coworkers rarely burst forth with song.  Nevertheless, singing is a preferred means of communication among the Benedictine nuns of Gower, Missouri.

These cloistered sisters spend their days in “prayer, work and song.”  Work consists of milking cows, gathering eggs, making dairy products, and crafting church vestments.  Prayer occurs “at scheduled times and spontaneously during the work day.”

And songs?  Gregorian chants lend the power of music to prayer.  Within the deep silence of the nuns’ lifestyle comes the Lord’s voice “in whispers.”  The sisters feel that God is using them “as his instruments.”

When silence and song come together in this fashion, good things happen.  Four of the nun’s albums “have topped the charts,” thus providing funds for their “centers and living quarters.”  They have even earned enough “to build a place of quiet and solitude for priests to retreat so they can rest and renew.”      


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