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Sunday, July 27, 2014

This little piggy menaced children

Sizzling Mad  (Photo by Roboscreech)  
The Associated Press recently reported that a pig on the loose in Maine not only “menaced two children walking through the woods,” but also “scared another passer-by.”

According to Chinese astrology, this sounds really out of whack.  Wikipedia reports that those born during a Pig year “are artistic, refined, intuitive, intelligent and well-mannered.”  One would surmise that these astrological qualities were extrapolated from those of the animal itself.

This Yankee pig must not have read the Beijing memo, for he was seen “screaming at the kids and chasing them.”  Either that, or this is massive payback for bacon.

In any event, this feral creature is not at all like the Porky we once knew and loved. Why it's enough to make a would-be astrologer throw in the cape and say: That’s all folks!


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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Physicist and Creationist agree on this

Stephen Hawking  (NASA Photo)
While even NASA is now openly saying that “they expect to find evidence of alien life within the next 20 years,” Creationist Ken Ham is having none of it.

Ham, who is mainly known for his highly-publicized debate about Genesis with Bill Nye the Science Guy, insists that “aliens probably don’t exist – and if they do, they’re going to Hell anyway.”

This makes it sound as though aliens could be a rotten bunch, which seems right in line with some of Stephen Hawking’s own statements.

Hawking, the renowned physicist and mathematician, has repeatedly warned the public against courting the attention of space aliens.  With a “watch what you ask for” line of reasoning, he has surmised that aliens might not be our new best friends.

Enter Pope Francis, who has stated that he would be open to baptizing some aliens…  After all, why not?

The Huffington Post explains Ham’s take on such hospitality:  Jesus did not become the ‘GodKlingon’ or the ‘GodMartian’!  Only descendants of Adam can be saved.    


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Friday, July 25, 2014

Zoo wildlife: Inside and outside the cages

London Zoo, 1835  (Public Domain)
The behavior of some beer-sloshing humans at the London Zoo is enough to make a Creationist become an instant Darwinist. 

And it certainly is enough to make most folks wonder just which species should really be locked inside those cages…

Kristina Bravo of writes about “more than a few disturbing incidents at this year’s Zoo Lates.”  These recipes for disaster (just add alcohol) include the following:  a man “pouring beer over a tiger,” a woman attempting to enter the lion’s den, and another man wanting to waddle with the

At first, these Zoo Lates fundraisers seemed like a brilliant idea.  The plan was to invite London’s “finest” in for a nocturnal walk on the wild side at $35 a head. 

Apparently, though, ferocious beasts weren’t enough of a sensory stimulation.  Stilt-walkers, comedians, and “fantastic food from around the world” were added to the mix.  Still not enough…  Bring on the beer!

One attendee (after noticing fellow frolickers "crushing butterflies on the ground”) concluded:  I don’t think partying, alcohol and animals are a good combination.

A zoo spokesperson, however, begged to differ by pointing out that “only three people have been thrown out of the facility since 2013.”


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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Planet of the Ants: Not a typo

Here they come...  (USDA Photo)
Just because we have all watched endless Planet of the Apes movies doesn’t mean that they will translate into reality.  In fact, it is much more likely that ants will continue to dominate Earth.

Notice the phrase “continue to.”  Mark W. Moffet of the Smithsonian Institution emphasizes: “Ants already control the planet.  They just do it under our feet.”

Moffet further explains that ants greatly outnumber humans, and “their total weight… equals or exceeds that of humans.”

Live Science reports that ants are collectively military geniuses.  They wage war masterfully, using the very best techniques that humanity thinks
it invented.  When swarming their enemies with “Shock and Awe” tactics,
ants put their weakest members up front, while preserving their mightiest in the rear.

Cows, and even some humans, have proven to be no match for millions-
strong armies of African ants.  Such an army of teeth-toting insects can devour mammalian prey within minutes.  That is one compelling reason why “women in equatorial Africa carry babies on their back.”

Although each individual ant might not be all that intelligent, in unity there is superhuman strength.  So people beware...  Payback for all those cans of Raid may soon begin.


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

McEntire and thousands of her closest friends pray for peace

McEntire in 2012  (Photo by Angela George) 
Reba McEntire is praying for peace, and she wants you to also.  So much so that she has begun a campaign (complete with video and a potential hit song) asking others to join in on this sacred endeavor…

Gayle Thompson of The Boot explains that McEntire strongly
believes “in the power of prayer.”  McEntire herself has stated,
“Every time I watch the news, I’m just waiting for a story with
a happy ending…  I find myself praying for peace, and a better
outcome for the world.”

This is not the first time that McEntire has proclaimed her spiritual leanings.  During a 2008 interview with Alan Petrucelli of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, McEntire revealed that she believes in reincarnation and “has been here before as a man.”

She told Petrucelli that these disclosures would likely shock her many Christian fans.  Her response to their potential condemnation?  “…I’m sorry, but this is how I live my life, this is what I believe…  Who knows?  Maybe I’m part Buddhist.”

Famed Buddhist Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, also publicly prays for peace.  While
spiritually advocating for “humble sentient beings, tormented by sufferings without cease,” the Dalai Lama has repeatedly requested:  May all their fears from unbearable war, famine, and disease be pacified…   


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What is black and white and was orange all over?

1903 Chain Gang  (Public Domain)
Walking past an upscale tailor's the other day, I couldn't help but notice an orange-as-orange-can-be tuxedo in the window.  Orange is indeed “the new black,” and seems to pop up just about everywhere these days.

Back at the Saginaw County Jail, however, “black and white are the new orange.”  Inmates there have had to trade in their “cool” orange jumpsuits for more punitive-looking attire:  zebra-striped uniforms.

When some of the inmates complained about this new unfashionable statement, they were basically told by the sheriff:  “If you don’t like these outfits, then don’t show up at my door.”

Nevertheless, it is understandable that these inmates miss being enveloped in orange. explains that orange can strengthen a person’s self-confidence, creativity and independence.  Lack of orange, on the other hand, can
lead to reclusiveness, destructive behaviors and difficulty in communication,

As for black-and-white stripes?  These might evoke chain-gang images, especially for those who have watched one too many such movies.  Not exactly what you'd wish to dwell upon when living behind bars…

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Trash Islands: Plastic hideaways

In memoriam...  (Photo by Daderot) 
Whereas once there was a bountiful Turtle Island upon which indigenous people thrived, nowadays there are stark Trash Islands upon which sea creatures wither.

If your seafood dinner tastes a bit different than it used to, that could be due to some trashy additions in the aquatic food chain.  Tia Ghose of Live Science reports that “about 35 percent of the fish they [Captain Charles Moore’s team of Pacific Ocean researchers] sampled have swallowed some plastic.”

If chewing on Tupperware doesn’t appeal to you, consider this:  Moore has previously noted that these Trash Islands also contain a smorgasbord of eel traps, toothbrushes, floating nets, etc.  Something for anyone whose molars are cutting-edge.

All this has caused Moore to issue a dire warning:  There will soon be “a new floating world in our oceans if we don’t stop polluting with pastics.” 

And chances are, it won’t be fit for God, man or turtles…


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