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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kevin Durant: At it again

If only...      (Artist: John Gast)
As a “little-guy” blogger, one of thousands, I don’t expect Kevin Durant will be reading this post.  But then again, maybe he will.  Maybe he’ll even comment between bouts of tears and fears.

Now it’s tempting to say, “Get a life, Kevin!  There’s a wide world out there beyond tweets and video games.”  But Durant already knows this, far better than most of us.  After all, he’s
a champ, an MVP, a Lord of the Ring.

So what’s the problem?  Durant is certainly not an underachieving crybaby.  He might, however, be an overachieving one.  And yet, whiners tend to point fingers at others, always blaming the world for their own shortcomings.
Durant is lately owning up.

Owning up to what?  To his own self-proclaimed idiocy?  But perhaps that’s not the point.  Honesty is courageous, but misplaced honesty can get you even deeper in a hole.  Rather than focusing upon how fans and colleagues are reacting, Durant might better put all that aside and dig deeply within.

He might want to ask:  “What really prompted me to dis Donovan and the rest?  Was it really fatigue?  Or did fatigue simply accentuate what was already there – what’s been there for a lifetime – the worry that I’m not quite good enough – not quite liked enough – not quite loved enough…”

Hey, we all suffer from that.  The difference is that our insecurities are not (generally) making headlines. 


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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

'Raging Bull' still raging?

Jake LaMotta in 1952  (Public Domain)
According to a 2014 review of Raging Bull by Paul D. Miller, there may be no rest for the weary, and maybe not even for the dead.

After years “of being at war with everyone all the time,” Jake LaMotta (at least his cinematic version) was certainly weary.  When he wasn’t beating up on others, he was beating up on himself.  Willing to endure “horrific” punishment in the ring, LaMotta believed that such “judgment” was deserved.

Miller observed that there is no happily-ever-after for LaMotta in this movie, only an aching progression toward doom.  Perhaps this was LaMotta’s actual fate - hopefully not.  Hopefully, rage became realization, and realization became redemption.


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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

When 'bad' is good

Fidget Spinner   (Photo by Arni Dagur)
The Ten Commandments do not directly address behaviors such as fidgeting and daydreaming. 

Nevertheless, many humans have come to the conclusion that such pastimes are downright bad.  We are taught from grade school onward to sit quietly and pay attention.

But who knew that fidgeting can actually “increase your metabolism,” and that daydreaming can help to “boost your
problem solving abilities”?  And while we’re (sort of) on the subject, did you know that losing your temper can be healthy?  That “a messy environment can be good for productivity”?  And that saying no can help to prioritize that which is truly important?

So go ahead and stretch those “bads” just a bit.  See whether that pile on your desk makes you chug right along.  Turn down that tantalizing offer to chair yet another committee, and put your feet up instead.  There now, isn’t that better?  Life can be good if allowed some wiggle room.


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