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Friday, September 30, 2016

Nicole Kidman: Consider the 'us'

Kidman in 2015   (Photo by Siebbi)
You might say that Nicole Kidman has been through the marital wringer.

Marrying Tom Cruise at the tender age of 23 seemed like a great idea at the time, but ended in emotional agony.   Thinking that life with Cruise was “perfect,” Kidman then experienced “the rapid breakdown of their relationship and subsequent divorce.”

Currently married to Keith Urban, Kidman reports that this relationship is “stronger than ever.”  Which correctly implies that it wasn’t always so...  During the first three months,    their marriage endured severe ups and downs.  So what has made the difference?

Kidman offers these simple words of conjugal wisdom:  We always consider the ‘us.’  We say,‘Is this going to be good for us?’


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Love and Kisses from Alcatraz

Al Capone and 'Mother Teresa' (PD)
Although bloodthirsty criminality and “Al Capone” are practically synonymous, there’s a soft side to everyone.

A three-page letter that Capone wrote to his son from Alcatraz just goes to show.  From advice on how “Junior” should handle blue moods, to wishing to be in Sonny Boy’s arms again, Daddy Dearest is dripping with sentiment.

Here’s a sample from the “Valentine” Capone sent:  Well Sonny, keep up your chin, and don’t worry about your dear Dad…  And how was dear old Dad keeping his own spirits up?  By fiddling away the hours on banjo and mandola.

Capone assured Sonny that “there isn’t a Song written that I can’t play.”  That’s “Song” with a capital “S,” very much in keeping with Capone’s inflated image.


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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Next stop, Mars

(Public Domain)
If Elon Musk has his way, humans will become an interplanetary species by as early as 2024.

Musk’s company, Space X, is currently testing the Raptor rocket engine, with a thrust “more than three times that of the current Falcon 9.” Its Red Dragon rocket is slated to transport “100 tons of cargo” to the red planet by 2018.  This cargo will be be used to help colonize Mars.

And who will pay for all this?  Musk is hoping for at least some funding from the government and scientific community.  Engadget reports that “a successful launch pad test of the Raptor will no doubt help his cause.”

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