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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bypassing fertilization: What fun is that?

Eeek!  Mice!    (Public Domain)
For those who think procreation is a blast, some bad news might be on the horizon.  Scientists have been wracking their brains, seeking ways to bypass fertilization on that bumpy reproductive road.

Calling sex "not exactly efficient or effective,” Anthony Perry of the University of Bath is looking for ways to streamline the process.  After all, “infertility is common, the window for pregnancy is small and so many things can go wrong…”

Like what?  Granted the morning after is sometimes a wash… But hey, that’s the exhilarating chance you take.  Poor Perry
is so focused upon the long-range picture that he might be missing some roses along the way.

Nevertheless, he forges on toward this brave new world.  Chemically tricking eggs into acting fertilized, Perry then injects sperm DNA into the developing embryos.  Lo and behold!  Twenty-five percent of them turned into mice. 

Now if Perry could only turn these mice into horses, he’d be right up there with Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.


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  1. not to be rude, but lol, bypassing fertility , this is funny! wonder what all scientists can do to this generation!
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