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Saturday, September 24, 2016

African-American History Museum: Let freedom ring!

World War II Poster   (Public Domain)
A century in the making, the Smithsonian’s African-American History Museum opened this morning. 

This momentous occasion was marked by the ringing of the Freedom Bell by President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and 99-year-old Ruth Odom Bonner (direct descendant of a slave).  This museum is ironically located “only steps away from a monument dedicated to a slaveholder president,” on Washington D.C.’s National Mall.

People came from far and wide to witness this historic event. Verna Eggleston, who arrived from New York City, commented:  It’s like walking across the desert and finally getting to a fountain of water to quench your thirst.

With “nearly 3,000 items,” the museum chronicles highs and lows of African-American history.  It includes such exhibits as Emmitt Till’s casket and “a Tuskegee Airmen training plane.”


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