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Monday, September 26, 2016

Arnold Palmer: Flying high

Palmer in the U.S. Coast Guard   (PD)
Because he once had a fear of flying, Arnold Palmer took up piloting aircraft.

He had taken up golf with that same determination.  This was back in the day when golf was considered a rich man’s sport. Palmer’s only “in” was a father who served as greenskeeper for the local course in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Agent Mark McCormack later listed five attributes that greatly worked in Palmer’s favor:  athleticism, a handsome image, a somewhat modest upbringing, emotional
intelligence and affability.  He literally grew up in “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood,” graduating just a year ahead of Fred Rogers from Latrobe High School.

A Freemason for decades, Palmer rose to the degree of Master Mason.  May he continue to soar as he did during his sojourn on Earth.


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