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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Meteor Over Cyprus

(NASA/ESA image)
Not nearly as mellow as “Moon Over Miami,” the recent “Meteor Over Cyprus” exploded on the scene with sound and fury.

Nearby residents noted “green-white lights in the sky around 1 a.m., and then heard large blasts.”  Not very conducive to a good night’s sleep…

Insomniacs might also want to contemplate the chances of getting caught between a flying rock and a hard place (the bedpost).  After all, NASA has already identified at least “13,500 asteroids or comets of all sizes circulating within 30 million miles of Earth.”

Rather than count sheep, Tulane University professor Stephen A. Nelson “has calculated the odds of getting killed by a meteorite at about 1 in 250,000.”  This doesn’t seem like much, unless of course you’re that one.

To put things into gloomy perspective, you’re still much more likely to get whacked by a tornado. Those odds are a mere 1 in 60,000.


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