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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Domesticated dogs: Playing it safe

On the prowl...       (Photo by Carlos Delgado)
When Rover is hungry, he trots toward a food bowl or garbage can.  When the “Big Bad Wolf” is hungry, he lunges at a mammal’s neck.

Which is riskier?  Getting shooed away from the fridge, or getting stomped on by an enraged ungulate?  Probably the latter, which is why wolves are more likely to choose Plan B than dogs are.

Health Day News reports on a study involving “seven wolves and seven dogs living in packs in near-natural conditions within large enclosures.”  When given the choice between “safe-bet” food options and risky ones, guess which group chose the safe bets?

Sad but true, Rover has learned over generational ages to take less and less risks.  Although this has certainly kept him alive for longer and longer spans, it has possibly limited his joie de vivre (as poodles might say).

And what about us?  Has civilization dulled our own abilities to fully embrace life’s vibrant possibilities?  Has the trade-off been worth it?  Hard saying…  Dead cave men tell no tales.   


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