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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jose Fernandez: Brief heroic life

Fernandez in 2016    (Photo by Arturo Pardavilla III)
After unsuccessfully defecting from Cuba three times, with resulting prison terms, Jose Fernandez finally made it to freedom.

Nevertheless, love of family trumped love of self. When he and his mother were dangerously crossing turbulent waters, Jose’s mom fell overboard.  Without hesitation, Fernandez dove into the maelstrom and saved her life.

After settling in the United States, he became a well-known baseball player.  Fernandez was awarded Minor League Pitcher of the Year for the Miami Marlins in 2012.  

During an historic 2013 rookie season in the National League, Fernandez was chosen to represent the Marlins in the All Stars.  After becoming injured and requiring surgery, he made a great comeback.

Fortune and fame aside, Fernandez continued to call his grandmother Olga “the love of his life” - a life as inspiring as it was brief.


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