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Friday, September 30, 2016

Love and Kisses from Alcatraz

Al Capone and 'Mother Teresa' (PD)
Although bloodthirsty criminality and “Al Capone” are practically synonymous, there’s a soft side to everyone.

A three-page letter that Capone wrote to his son from Alcatraz just goes to show.  From advice on how “Junior” should handle blue moods, to wishing to be in Sonny Boy’s arms again, Daddy Dearest is dripping with sentiment.

Here’s a sample from the “Valentine” Capone sent:  Well Sonny, keep up your chin, and don’t worry about your dear Dad…  And how was dear old Dad keeping his own spirits up?  By fiddling away the hours on banjo and mandola.

Capone assured Sonny that “there isn’t a Song written that I can’t play.”  That’s “Song” with a capital “S,” very much in keeping with Capone’s inflated image.


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