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Friday, September 16, 2016

Procedural deficit hypothesis: E equals what?

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If you have no clue as to what “procedural deficit hypothesis” means, don’t worry.  There’s a glossary for that.

However, if you struggle with Einstein’s equations, you might have a problem.  Have you checked your basal ganglia lately?  How about your frontal and spatial lobes?  Scientists are now hypothesizing that math-challenged people are suffering from deficits in these brain regions.

So you’re no longer simply bad at math.  You now have a bona fide (well, almost) disability.  You can now join the ranks of the millions who have been diagnosed with one deficiency or another. 

You can now starting worrying about short-term memory and the like.  You have now been labeled, branded even.  You now exist in medical journals.  You now have "special needs." 

Congratulations are not in order.


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