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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Celine Dion: Beyond the songs

Dion in 2012   (Photo by Georges Biard)
When a singer is appreciated for her music, that’s terrific.  But when fans help to ease life’s tragedies, that’s even better.

After Celine Dion’s beloved husband and brother passed from this world within days of one another, she was beside herself with grief.  Having to explain such losses to her children was another heavy burden.

Dion's loyal fans drew her back to the stage during this toughest time of her life.  When she heard their heartfelt applause, Dion thought:  They were saying to me without a word, ‘Are you okay?’  You know we’re there.  You know we’ve always been there…

The loving support of fans has made it possible for Dion’s heart to go on.  She recently explained: They know me beyond the songs.  And that for me is priceless.


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