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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rumi: Relatively speaking

1980 Depiction of Rumi  (Public Domain)
The great mystic poet Rumi, by his own admission, did not “distinguish between the relative and the stranger.”

Nevertheless, three countries are bickering over whose native son Rumi really is.  Most likely born in Afghanistan, Rumi lived in the Balkh region until it was “sacked by Genghis Khan and his Mogol hordes in 1221.”

He and his family then fled to nearby Turkey, where Rumi “spent most of his life.”  Because he was born to Persian-speaking parents and composed most of his works in that language, Rumi has also been “claimed” by Iran.

In 2007, 800 years after Rumi’s birth, the three claimants finally came together to honor this anniversary.   During the celebration, these nations were reminded that Rumi considered all and sundry to be relatives.


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