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Monday, March 6, 2017

Latent to blatant: Hate is contagious

Lest we forget...   (Public Domain)
Who says that a virus of top-down hate won’t infect the masses?

Within the past several weeks, crimes against perceived immigrants have occurred throughout the United States.  The mantras within these incidents are alarmingly similar:  Get out of my country!  Go back to your own country!

A Sikh man from Washington state was recently "working on his [own] car in his [own] driveway” when approached by a gunman.  The victim was then shot in the arm.  Just weeks ago, “an Indian man in Kansas was killed and another was injured” during other suspected hate crimes.

Latent hate exists within many, but it often takes top-down examples for such blatant expressions to emerge.  The huddled masses will be treated wretchedly unless compassion trumps hatred.  


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