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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Agony and the Travesty

David who?   (Photo by Jorg Bittna Unna)
Who needs a Michelangelo sculpture when you yourself are the total package?

Meet Julia Stephenson, author of a recent Mail Online article titled “The agony of being too beautiful to be faithful.”  In addition to being a self-proclaimed stunner, she dabbles in journalism.

This former It-girl confesses that she was oh-so-unfaithful to her first husband.  Not because she had a choice, mind you, but because her voluptuousness got (and presumably gave) the best of her.

A late bloomer, Stephenson assumed that her run-of-the-mill starter marriage was all she could hope for.  Little did she know that ravenous men would soon be clawing at her pulchritude.

It’s enough to turn anyone emerald with envy, nausea, or environmentalism.  Stephenson chose the latter, and is now an official recruit of the Green Party.   


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