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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

West Point: Golden memories

1929 West Point Class    (Photo from Bundesarchiv Bild)
There are glints of gold in West Point’s “Long Grey Line.”

Each year, class rings of former graduates are donated so that they can literally become part of future rings.  Past rings slated for the 2018 class were recently melted down by a Rhode Island foundry.  Many were donated by family members of deceased graduates.

A memorial ceremony accompanies the melting of these rings.  There are plaques for each of the past wearers, and families gather to bid their final farewells.  This year’s donations “were worn by members of classes ranging from 1924 to 1968.”

One such ring belonged to “Lt. Gen. James M. Gavin, Class of 1929,” who “parachuted into combat four times during World War II, the most of any U.S. general officer.”  2018 graduates will soon go forth with a piece of that legacy solidly in place.


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