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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Van Gogh: Farther out than suspected?

The Starry Night    (Van Gogh, June 1889)
During the 1960s, Vincent Van Gogh was revered as a “far out dude.” It took another half century for folks to suspect just how far that “far out” went.

When NASA’s Juno probe recently captured images of “Jupiter’s swirling cloud tops,” viewers began noticing “similarities between art and nature.”  We’re not just talking fields of daisies here.  We’re talking images of worlds that are eons away.

In particular, these Jupiter clouds reminded people of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night.”  The “whirling patterns” within Van Gogh’s depiction resembled those within Jupiter’s actual weather.  Is this just coincidence, or did Van Gogh tap into a sort of universal consciousness?

If Van Gogh were indeed shifting realms, then it’s no wonder his emotions ran wild. Creativity can be potent stuff, especially if sparked by alternate states of reality. 


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