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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Monkeys saw, monkeys helped

Duende Sculpture   (Photo by Rene Mayorga)
When a group of monkeys in the Bolivian Amazon came upon a lost person, they decided to help.

Maycool Coroseo Acuna had wandered away from his tour guide during a Pachamama ritual.  This ceremony is “designed to thank Mother Earth for allowing visitors into the rainforest.”

Perhaps Mother Earth was displeased with Acuna’s lack of participation, for he soon disappeared from view.  Some locals blamed Duende, a “mischievous sprite… that can send victims into another dimension.”

Duende, however, didn’t realize that monkey heroics could ruin his scheme.  When found nine days later, Acuna told rescuers that “he was only able to survive because of a group
of monkeys that dropped fruit for him and led him to water and shelter every day.”

Acuna did not seem to know the cause of his disappearance.  He merely explained that “the urge to escape the rain forest was irresistible.”    

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