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Saturday, March 11, 2017

All the World's a Playground

Movie, what movie?   (Photo by Nevit)
Back in Shakespeare’s day, all the world seemed like a stage.  Today that stage has given way to a playground filled with feisty kids.

It’s not enough that people can’t sit silently still anymore.  These days, people can’t even focus on a big-screen extravaganza for more than an hour or so.

Since many movies are longer than that, the major chain Cinepolis USA came up with a bright idea:  Let’s plunk a playground smack dab in the middle of each theater.  That way, nobody has to pay attention to anything for very long.

Kids will not only be tempted by jungle gyms to run amok, but will also be fired up by on-site “snack favorites… such as Chitos, Chili, Caramel, and Zebra.”  Will parents find it difficult to focus under such conditions, or will they feel right at home within the chaos? 


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