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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dial 'B' for Bible

(Lincoln Bible)
Hurtling down highways, people are willing to sacrifice lives for the latest text.  That type of “martyrdom” used to be linked with religious devotion.

Pope Francis is channeling such fervor by asking that people treat bibles as “we do our mobile phones.”  If we checked chapters and verses as often as texts, the world might be a far better place.

The pontiff added that vigilant “bible reading would help people resist daily temptations.”  This makes sense since humans learn best through repetition.

Bear in mind that Francis is not slamming technological gadgets, and has gone so far as to call them “a gift from God” if used wisely.  He himself has posed for many a “selfie” with adherents the world over.

The pope has explained what wise use of technology would include:  smartphones should be banned from the family dinner table and children should not have computers in their rooms.


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