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Thursday, March 23, 2017

LeBron James: Numero Uno Uno

James in 2014   (Photo by Keith Allison)
LeBron James is no longer stalled at #23. He’s now moved on up to #11.

This goes way beyond the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Fortune recently listed James as the 11th greatest leader in the whole wide world.  To put this in perspective, Angela Merkel is 10th and John Kasich is 12th.  And Pope Francis?  He’s on 3rd, trailing Theo Epstein on 1st and Jack Ma on 2nd.

According to Fortune's own bio of James, his is a “calling” that “goes above basketball.”  After returning to Cleveland in 2014, James proclaimed:  I have a responsibility to lead, in more ways than one, and I take that very seriously.

James has made good on his word.  He established the LeBron James Family Foundation, “which will provide mentoring and full college scholarships to 1,100 underprivileged children in his hometown of Akron.”  He has spoken truth to power many a time, focusing on social-justice issues such as immigration and discrimination.

And oh yeah, along that hero’s path, he also managed to lead the Cavs to a stunning victory.


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