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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jesse James: Still an outlaw

Mr. Tough Guy   (Photo by pinguino k)
Like his namesake, semi-celebrity Jesse James (his “better semi” was Sandra Bullock) defies convention.  However, this Jesse James defies it by citing it.

Offering a rationale for cheating on ex-wife Bullock, James stated:  In general, both men and women cheat…  it’s part of life.  So is murder, but does that make it justifiable?

These days, gangsta chic is in.  The definition of “outlaw” has expanded to include “a rebel, a nonconformist, a social outlaw.”

It’s now cool to sleep around.  It’s now cool to dump “toxic” spouses.  It’s now cool to play musical partners when boredom strikes. It’s now cool to “trade up” for younger or richer models.

When commitment becomes the new “cool,” marriages might last a lot longer.  Until then, we'll always have Jesse James to idolize.      


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