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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Smile if you've got a large precuneus

Precuneus, looking lovely in red...   (Public Domain)
Whereas some might suppose that happiness
lives in places like Tahiti or Las Vegas, others are discovering its true “home.”

Health Day News reports that “an area of the brain called the precuneus” is particularly well developed in happy people.  Happy people are described as those who feel joy more intensely and sorrow less intensely.  They also tend to “find meaning in life.”

Just where is this precuneus?  It is located in the medial parietal lobe, “at the top of the brain, towards the back of the organ.”  A 2015 Scientific Reports study indicates that happy people have well-developed precuneus regions.

Weight lifting is not the path towards a larger precuneus, but meditation is.  “Several studies have shown that meditation increases gray matter in the precuneus.”


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