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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

For all the right reasons

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Sometimes it seems as though great wrongs occur for all the right reasons.

No one’s saying that it’s right to threaten medical staff at gunpoint, but distraught father George Pickering II recently did just that.  Why?  Because hospital personnel were about to “pull the plug” on his beloved son.

With perhaps the intuition that only a parent can have, Pickering II insisted that his son   was not hopelessly “brain dead.”  Indeed, he turned out to be correct.  Within three hours of this hospital showdown, son Pickering III squeezed his father’s hand upon command.

This story has a joyful ending for all concerned.  Pickering II was quickly disarmed and no hospital staff were hurt.  Pickering III “eventually awoke from his coma, and today he’s fully recovered…”

Pickering III concluded:  The important thing is I’m alive and well, my father is home [from jail], and we’re together again.


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