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Monday, December 28, 2015

Will Smith: Keeping an eye on the ball

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Will Smith was originally hesitant to star in  the movie “Concussion.”  Taking on an organization which “owned” a day that used   to belong to the church seemed quite intimidating.

Besides, Smith was already keeping his eye   on the ball.  He had considered himself a “football dad,” and had avidly encouraged his own son to embrace the game.

Nevertheless, the ball that was thrown   Smith’s way was bigger than all that.  This ball had the potential to smash illusions, illusions worth millions.

Smith had a big decision to make.  He didn’t want this “to be the reality, and, at a minimum,” he didn’t want to be the one to have “to say it.”

Sometimes, however, life's path is marked by direct signals.  One day, Smith literally got a wake-up call.  “Concussion” producer Ridley Scott was on the line, telling Smith:  This is it.  Pay attention.

Smith heeded the call, and now the world is also paying attention.  Although the football season remains in full swing, perhaps compassion will slowly turn the tide in favor of its players.


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