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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Qur’an: Jumping to conclusions

11th-Century Qur'an    (Photo by LordHarris)
When representatives from the Dutch group Dit Is Normaal decided to try an experiment, the prejudicial results were startling.

After concealing a Bible within a book cover
that gave the impression it was the Qur’an, they approached passersby on a city street and read some particularly violent passages to them.  The reactions from these passersby were quite revealing.

Typical responses indicated a lot of preconceived notions about both Islam and the Bible.  Passersby assumed that the Qur’an would contain violent passages, and that the
Bible would not.

Many who profess to follow the Bible are quite ignorant about its overall contents, as are many who claim to know what Islam is about.

Experiments such as these can be an important step along the way to learning more about that which is feared.  Although ignorance is said to be bliss, it can more often spawn terror.


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