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Friday, December 25, 2015

Glenn Beck’s Christmas inquiry

Glenn Beck   (Photo by Gage Skidmore)
You may heartily agree with Glenn Beck, or you may heartily oppose his views.  Most, however, would admit that Beck reaches for the heart of things.

During late Advent, Beck posed this vital questionHow do you unplug and find meaning at Christmas?  He’s not just
referring to unplugging devices.  He’s mainly referring to unplugging the psyche from lesser distractions.

Beck writes:  I do not feel the joy.  All I have wanted to do is spend quality time with my wife.  Most of our time has been spent stressing lists.

Lists of what?  Lists of what to get whom when.  Lists of events to attend.  Lists of guests to invite.  Lists of recipes to serve.  Lists to thank yous to send.

As one reader wisely commented, there is a “list” that helps to pace all the others.  It’s called “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” 

Advent is for being more than doing.  Advent is for the spaciousness that allows hope to swell. Christmas only begins on December 25th.  There can be plenty of time for doing during those next 11 days.

A Jewish reader from Israel added:  If you get distracted by presents and decorations you are  forgetting the true gift that is in Christmas, the preciousness of life and the gift of hope.


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