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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The cake that bit back

Look out now!     (Photo by Selbymay)
What comes around goes around, and Fidelia Ford’s fruitcake has been going around for quite some time.

Since 1878, to be exact.  That’s the year when Fidelia first merged the ingredients. However, this nutty recipe called for a year of aging.  Therein lied the rub.

Although the cake was a newborn, Mrs. Ford was on the other end of life’s relentless spectrum.  That cake turned out to be her unfinished symphony.

When left alone with just the fruitcake and a host of marital memories, Mr. Ford could not bear to slice its innards.  Mental Floss reports that he instead “placed her obituary on top of the cake and saved it.”

“And saved it.  And saved it.”  In fact, ancestors of Mr. and Mrs. Ford are saving it to this day.  But a few could not resist temptation.

Wondering what it might taste like, great-grandson Morgan allowed his Uncle Amos to nibble on the forbidden fruits.  As might be expected, the cake bit back. 

After “jabbing a chunk off of the cake” in 1964, Amos remained silent. It took all of his concentration just to chew and swallow.

Morgan should have known better after that.  But temptation, having once gained a foothold, struck again.  In 2003, Morgan encouraged Jay Leno to bite that fruit.  

Has anyone seen Leno lately?  Perhaps the cake swallowed him whole.


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