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Friday, December 4, 2015

Desperately seeking Donald

(Photo by Neelix)
According to psychology experts, Donald Trump is in the lead because of his “strong man” personality.

Why is it that Americans love such a “risk-taking, domineering, charismatic” leader?  Is it because their own lives are so boring by comparison?  Or could there be something more elemental in the mix?

Professor David Berg theorizes that “deep
within our primitive consciousness,” we are seeking “someone to help us fight what we perceive as both internal and external threats...”  Because of this desperation, we tend to interpret Trump’s “braggadocio, contempt, and grandiosity” as the strength that’s needed to protect us.

Trump’s “brutal honesty” gives voice to that which we dare not express.  We might love to tell Putin a thing or two.  It might be such a relief to drop political correctness for at least some of the time.  When “The Donald” does all that and more, our innards could be cheering him on.

Nevertheless, what ignites the id might tilt the world.  Charisma of that type could be a double-edged sword, or perhaps even a multi-edged weapon of mass destruction.


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