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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ceres: A theory worth its salt

Salty Ceres   (Photo by Cynwolfe)
Ceres, like its namesake Roman goddess of agriculture, has been embroiled in many a controversy.  First an asteroid, then a planet, afterwards a dwarf, what next?

As “patron and protector of plebian laws, rights and Tribunes,” the original Ceres also thought she had heard it all.  Then rumors about the strange lights on her Dwarf Planet began swirling through the solar system.

Alyssa Newcomb of ABC News states that these “unexplained lights” were thought to be “everything from alien cities to ice volcanoes.”

Turns out that they may instead be nothing but Epsom-type salts.  You know, the kind you soak your feet in.

Not quite as dashing as Ceres at her bountiful best. Nor as intriguing as her quest to snatch Persephone back from the Gates of Hades.

Nevertheless, this briney theory will have to do for now.  That is, until a new myth comes along.


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