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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

‘12 Days’ costing more and more

(Poster by Xavier Romero-Frias)
Taking a 12-day Christmas vacation can end up costing quite a bit, but not usually as much as purchasing the “12 Days of Christmas” items.

Why just the “seven swans a-swimming” could set you back as much as $13,125. Add to that the “four calling birds” ($600), the “five gold rings” ($750), plus the 10 lords a-leaping ($5,348 per performance), and you’re already way behind the eight (“maids a-milking”) ball.

Pittsburgh AP estimates that the grand total for such gifts could easily exceed $34,000. But, hey, think of the bright side.  That’s only 0.6% more than last year’s tally (assuming the bird seed’s a freebie).


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