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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

LeBron James: Facts first

Tamir Rice      (Fair Use)
So many people jump on a bandwagon just because it’s going by.

When asked to do just that regarding the Tamir Rice case, James stated, “I haven’t really been on top of this issue.”

If more felt this way, perhaps there would be fewer rash decisions and violent retaliations. On the other hand, being on top of an issue requires a deliberate effort in that direction.

It’s not that James has never spoken up for social justice.  He himself is a living example of what can be done to turn the tide of poverty and oppression.  LeBron has shown “solidarity for murdered teen Trayvon Martin,” as well as for Eric Garner.

Nevertheless, the issues are far bigger than just one “King’s” advocacy.  As James pointed out:  This issue is bigger than me; it’s about everyone.

If all citizens were to lend their powers to worthy causes, rather than relying upon “Kings” to do it for them, the overall playing field would be a lot more equal.


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