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Monday, December 14, 2015

Curry’s keeping it real

Curry in 2015   (Photo by Keith Allison)
Although Stephen Curry’s the Golden Warriors’ golden boy, his contract doesn’t quite reflect that.

Grey Papke of Larry Brown Sports reports that Curry signed a four-year contract back in 2012 “when he was a risky bet due to recurring ankle issues.”  This contract now means that he’s just “the fifth highest-paid player on Golden State” despite his current stardom.

Nevertheless, Curry’s keeping things in perspective.  Rather than getting bent out of shape and ruining team spirit, he’s decided to rid himself of any potential negativity.

This, of course, hasn’t been easy.  Taking the higher road generally isn’t.  Curry stated, “I had to make a conscious decision and remind myself over and over (to let it go).” 

Putting ego aside, Curry added:  But for me, a $44 million contract was plenty for me to be able to provide for my family.

Pretty much plenty for anyone who's honest enough to admit it.


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