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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kimye’s ‘Saint’

It's all San Andreas' Fault!   (Aerial Photo by Ikluft) 
Fresh out of the womb, the son born to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is being called a “Saint.”

In fact, “Saint” is the tyke’s actual name.  This highfalutin moniker is right up there with other contemporary names such as “King, Prince, Miracle and Messiah.”

Would you expect any less of a choice from two such exalted parents?  I mean, why settle for a “Steve” or a “Jimmy” when you can cozy up with a “Saint” instead?

All this might seem heavenly at first.  However, as “Saint” matures, he may begin to notice some less-than-holy activities within the family circle. 

“Saints” worth their names won’t remain reticent about such goings-on.  As the little bugger looms larger, his stinging rebukes may cause a rift that rivals the San Andreas Fault.

What makes for good TV does not always make for harmony on the home front.


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