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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Un-divorce sometimes unattainable

Through the Looking Glass  (Illustration by Sir John Tenniel)
Although Alice was able to attend an un-birthday party in Wonderland, there will be few un-divorce proceedings in New Hampshire.

After 24 married years, Terrie Harmon and Thomas McCarron got divorced in New Hampshire.  Their divorce was finalized in July 2014, but by March they were feeling chummy again. 

Real chummy.  So chummy that they filed a joint motion to vacate their recent divorce decree. 

Although time travel may exist in other dimensions, it apparently has not easily leaked into New Hampshire.  Judges there ruled that although they have the power to grant divorces, they do not necessarily have the power to zap couples back to happier days.

And why not?  The Associated Press reports, “Divorce is a uniquely fraught area of litigation.  For divorced couples, it is often important to have the solace of knowing that their former spouse is indeed former.”

Not all states, however, are quite as strict.  Some, “including Illinois, Nebraska, Mississippi, Arkansas, Maryland and Kentucky – will vacate divorces within a certain time frame or under certain circumstances, at the parties’ request.”


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