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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thoughts on obesity: Not your usual

Tread confidently!       (Photo by Susanlady27)
When (then) never-been-kissed Alasdair Wilkins began a daily exercise routine, it wasn’t to lose 100 pounds.  In fact, he “had given up hope of losing weight at all.”

Instead, Wilkins set about to feel just a bit better about himself.  That’s all.  No magic weight-loss formulas here.  Just an hour per day of brisk, uphill treadmill walking.

He picked this method because it picked him. In other words, it was something he could stomach (besides food).  Something he could stick with day after day.  Something that wouldn’t stick to him.

Bypassing conventional weight-loss wisdom, Wilkins began with exercise rather than with diet. Having little to no will power, he wasn’t about to skimp on food from the get-go.

Nevertheless, the urge to overeat dissipated as his environmental factors changed. After moving out of his parents’ home, Wilkins was better able to avoid his “triggers.”  He was no longer privy to easy pickings from the fridge because he now had control over what was in it.

Wilkins began feeling less and less like a personal failure, and more and more like someone who had been heavily influenced by societal factors that encourage obesity.  Now 100 pounds lighter (and already-been-kissed), he’s feeling far more able to sidestep any cultural landmines.


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