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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Putting the 'Hank' in Thanksgiving

Please, me too!      (Photo by Nhandler) 
Vet tech Rachel Kaufmann named her foster dog “Hank” because she thought that a strong name would toughen him up.

According to Woman’s Day, Hank was “pitiful and scared” when first taken in by Kaufmann.  With ribs sticking out, Hank could barely stand to be touched.

Kaufmann lovingly cared for Hank for six days before moving him to a longer-term home 11 miles away. Although it was tough to part company, Kaufmann felt that Hank would be well cared for there. 

Perhaps so, but Hank wasn’t about to settle for separation from Kaufmann.  He miraculously managed to escape from this second home and find his way back to her.

Just as Hank stood pawing at the door, Kaufmann pulled into her driveway.  Timid Hank greeted her with “a massive hug” as his tail wagged enthusiastically.

Although Kaufmann already has three other dogs, she couldn’t refuse this obvious show of love and longing.  Hank is now an official part of the Kaufmann family, and is no doubt enjoying a bountiful and blessed Thanksgiving 


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