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Saturday, November 21, 2015

From the mouths of babes

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From the mouths of babes come such pearls of wisdom as this:  “But the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes…”

There is an honesty about their fresh perspectives on life, along with a curiosity that is philosophical (dare we say religious) in nature.  Questions such as “Will I (you, Aunt Betty, Grandpa Jim…) die someday?” can be expected.

Children might also wish to know: Where do we all come from?  Whom do you love best? Is God for real?  Why makes people do really mean things?  What’s the worst thing you ever did?

How should an adult handle such questions?  Sometimes it’s okay to admit that you just don’t have an answer.  At other times, it’s good to share some of your own feelings and experiences.  Kids can quickly tell when you’re lying or evading.

As for ultimate beliefs, they can be distilled into simple language that even toddlers can grasp.  As children grow older, they can be encouraged to interact directly with such fundamental inquiries.


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