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Monday, November 2, 2015

Mother Nature: A force to be reckoned with

A Natural Spring   (Photo by DaemonDivinus)
Is it a quake?  Is it a volcano?  No matter what you call them, Mother Nature sends vivid reminders that her force remains intact.

Peter Holley of The Washington Post reports that a mysterious “gash” recently appeared on the acreage of a Wyoming ranch.  This sudden crack in the earth measured “about 50 yards wide and the length of six football fields.”

Social media exploded with theories of impending doom.  An engineer then went to check things out.  His conclusion was that “moisture in the subsurface” caused the soil to weaken and the bedrock to become less stable.  This moisture was caused by small springs.

Responses to this information ranged from “Amazing…” to “Holy mackerel…”  Advice regarding the gash is succinct:  Do not approach it.


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