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Monday, November 16, 2015

Madonna: Not just 'Like a Prayer'

'Like a Prayer' during MDNA tour   (Photo by Rwoan)
No longer just “Like a Prayer,” Madonna’s words sounded authentically spiritual during a recent concert in Stockholm.

Standing up for goodness in the face of evil, Madonna admitted that she had almost cancelled her performance after the Paris tragedy.  She then affirmed to the crowd: Why should I give that to them?  Why should I allow them to stop me?

It seems that during this “Rebel Heart” tour, Madonna is publicly coming to terms with what she’s been rebelling against for years:  religion.  Sounding more like a preacher than a rock star, she gave a very heartfelt ten-minute “sermon” to a throng of “devotees.”

Ah…  the power of the pulpit – be it a clerical or a lay one.  When stardom is used for the good of the people, then it too becomes transformed.  Madonna may still be only “Like a Virgin,” but that “Prayer for Paris” was the real thing.


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