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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

IQ score? Fuhgeddaboudit

Oops...   (Photo by Sumeet Moghe)
There are people who secretly wonder how smart they really are. These folks often rely upon IQ scores for the answer. 

However, this alone might not be the smartest way to determine intelligence.  Business Insider therefore offers other clues for estimating what your smart-to-dumb ratio might be.

If you don’t smoke, you’re already ahead of the pack.  Results from a 2010 Israeli study indicated that “the average 18- to 21-year smoker had an IQ of 94, and the non-smoker had an IQ of 101.”  One more reason to snuff out that cigarette…

Have you ever tickled those ivories?  If so, your brain might be dancing for joy.  Six-year-olds who practiced piano for nine months (with breaks in between for eating, sleeping and other childhood concerns) experienced greater IQ boosts than those who didn’t.

Do people call you “Skinny Minnie?”  There might be an upside to that, after all.  A 2006 French study “suggested that the bigger the waistline, the lower the cognitive ability.” But all is not lost if you’ve put on a few pounds.  Just get a cat.  After all, “cat people did better on intelligence tests” than “dog people.”

However, if your cute little tabby turns out to be a tiger cub, all bets are off. 


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