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Friday, November 6, 2015

Rising sea levels: Are we next?

All that's left...      (Photo by Lou.gruber)
Global warming is way more than just a political debate.  When it has happened in the past, entire species were no longer able to survive.

Scientists are now thinking that the woolly mammoth was subject to such extinction.  Catherine Griffin of Science World Report explains that “short periods of warm climate in the midst of the last ice age triggered boom-or-bust cycles in the populations of large mammals in the Arctic.”

When melting ice restricted the ability of animals to move freely between continents,
access to vital food supplies was drastically cut,  With particularly rapid climate changes, these shortages became all the more pronounced.

So forget about “atomic” meteor strikes and the like.  We might not even have time to worry about them.  What’s in our faces right now is the possibility that sea levels will rise dramatically due to intense global warming.

What then might happen to coastal population centers such as the U. S. Eastern Seaboard?  Don’t try asking a woolly mammoth, they’re all dead and gone.


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