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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bennet Omalu: He who came forth and spoke

Mike Webster   (Fair Use)
In his native Nigeria, Bennet Omalu’s name (shortened from “Onyemalukwubew”) means “if you know, come forth and speak.”

After Dr. Bennet Omalu came forth and spoke the truth about football injuries, his name became prophetic.  Upon release of the film “Concussion,” starring Will Smith, the fruits of Omalu’s knowledge will be widespread.

Where did such knowledge come from?  Wikipedia states that Omalu is a consummate medical professional, with advanced training in epidemiology, anatomic and clinical pathology, and forensic neuropathology.

However, Omalu’s keen intuition might very well be rooted in other realms.  During a 2013 FRONTLINE interview, Omalu confided, “I’m a spiritual person.  I’m a Catholic.  I treat my patients, the dead patients, as live patients.”

He then explained, “I believe there is life after death.  And I talk to my [autopsy] patients.  I talk to them not loudly, but quietly in my heart when I look at them…  I’ll come out of respect; I’ll look at the face.”

When football-great Mike Webster was on the autopsy table, Omalu said to him:  Mike, you need to help me…  You are a victim of football, but you need to help me wherever you are…  I can’t do this by myself…  Let’s prove them wrong.”

“Them” are the many who believe that football concussions have little or nothing to do with the development of dementia.  “Them” are also those who know the truth, but squelch it for personal gain.


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