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Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Beyonce by any other name

'Mrs. Jay Z' herself...  (Photo by Tony Duran) 
The Internet’s abuzz with the so-called news that bantamweight champion Holly Holm actually “dared” to ask Beyonce her name.

After Jay Z simply introduced Beyonce to Holm as “my wife,” Holm did what she normally does when husbands emphasize their own frame of reference:  She turned to “the wife” and politely inquired, “What is your name?”

How wonderful that Holm thinks to validate wives as individuals in this manner.  How wonderful that she does this so routinely that it automatically popped out while talking with Jay Z…

After Holm apparently apologized for this “oversight,” Beyonce assured her that it was no big deal.  After all, a Beyonce by any other name is still a Child of Destiny.


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