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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Brian: Dog’s best friend

A Great Pyrenees      (Photo by Emma.Martinet) 
Brian, a Great Pyrenees dog, not only “dragged his canine companion off a Dallas road after she was fatally hit by a car,” but also refused to leave her side as she lay dead.

The two dogs had slipped away from their human home through an open garage door.  Neither had been wearing a collar, and neither had been microchipped.

Julie Fennell, a “local animal advocate,” was called to the scene by a passerby.  Because Brian refused to budge from his canine companion’s side, Fennell had to carry him off.  Brian gazed through the back window at his deceased friend as he and Fennell drove away.

Fennell managed to locate Brian's home, but he “will be microchipped and neutered” before returning there.


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