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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Parallel universe ‘leaking’ into ours?

'Bubble Universes'      (Public Domain)
Although parallel lines are said to never meet, it’s possible that a parallel universe has been meeting up with ours.

USA TODAY reports that research scientist Ranga-Ram Chary discovered “a mysterious glow” while mapping “the light left over from the early universe.”  He theorizes that this glow may be due to leaky “matter from a neighboring universe.”

Chary works at CalTech's Planck Space Telescope data center.  Since the Planck telescope data is limited, his theory has not been verified.  Nevertheless, “the findings sound promising.”

Who knows?  Our universe could be just one small piece of the “super-universe” puzzle.  Other “pieces” might be ruled by far different physical laws.   

Fascinating, although still highly speculative…  As Chary noted:  Unusual claims like evidence for alternative universes require a very high burden of proof.


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