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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Semper Fe not the way of it

(Image by Olivier Garaud)
The trouble with some is that they’ve replaced Semper Fi with Semper Fe.  Loyalty to money has trumped loyalty to ideals.

Headlines scream:  NASA goes after priceless rock worth QUADRILLIONS.  Articles then explain that an asteroid named Psyche 16 is filled with Ni (that’s nickel) and Fe (that’s iron).  An extraordinary amount of these two metals could “send the world economy into a tailspin.”

Psyche used to mean “soul” or “spirit.”  Plato wrote extensively about the ability of this Psyche to “better achieve wisdom and experience” after bodily death.  Aristotle spoke about three psyches: “vegetal, animal, and rational.”

Classic theology has now been replaced with “the prospect of outer space mining.”  The rationale is that such pursuit of riches might “provide clues to… the meaning of life.”  This seems highly unlikely.  Although Fe may be at Earth’s core, Fi is surely at Heaven’s door.


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