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Monday, June 26, 2017

Not exactly Resurrection

Resurrection of Lazarus  (Painting by Leon Bonnat)
If you served as a pallbearer at a funeral, only to find the alleged corpse standing on your porch soon afterwards, what would you do?

Would you think he’s a ghost?  Would you head for the hills?  Or would you call his father to report this unlikely turn of events? 

A friend of the Kerrigan family went the latter route.  He immediately dialed up Kerrigan Senior, and then put Kerrigan Junior on the line.  When Junior said, “Hi, Dad,” Senior could only think one thing:  Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

Kerrigan Junior had been homeless and mentally ill.  The county had acted rather hastily after discovering a body in the “bushes behind a phone store.”  Because the dead man looked somewhat like an old photo of Kerrigan, the two were thought to be one and the same.

Kerrigan’s grieving family was told that fingerprints matched, as well.  His 82-year-old father did not question these assumptions, even after quickly viewing the body.  When a distraught mind is convinced, the eyes often follow suit.

Kerrigan’s sister now believes that “the county would not have been so sloppy if her brother had had a home and his mental health.”  An investigation will soon follow. 


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